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April 30th, 2024



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Our submission to the Federal Senate enquiry

At the heart of the Sircel brand is deep desire to “make better possible”. A better, brighter, more sustainable future where the valuable commodities we currently “throw away” in end of life electronics can and do find their way back into manufacturing. A truly circular economy.

We think its madness that each year we dig up virgin minerals in mines across the world, process those commodities and then throw them away when we decide we “have to have” the newest i-phone. An i-phone that wasn’t made from recycled, recovered metals, but with brand new, virgin metals dug out of the ground.

This stuff is not waste. It is a valuable, sustainable AND recoverable source of much-needed commodities.

And so as well as recycling many tonnes of e-waste a day, we also advocate for change. We have to stop doing what we have always done, and start making change for a better future.

Our latest advocacy activity was making a submission to the Federal Government’s Senate Enquiry on waste reduction and recycling policies. Our submission is a quick read with a specific focus on what’s needed to deliver a circular economy for e-waste.

The Senate will publish a report and findings in November 2024 but you can read our submission here

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