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Head Office

Level 2, 13-15 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000


We’ve developed a world-first, proprietary process that diverts up to 100% of e-waste from landfill.

What do we do?

The electronic devices that run our lives today will no longer be thrown “away”, collected in cupboards, forgotten in storerooms, shipped to third world countries or sent to landfill. They can and will be the resources we need for tomorrow.

Our Technology

Proprietary – Inhouse – Automated – End to End.

Our Services

Collection – Recycling – Repurposing


Our Technology

Our Technology


We are a green-technology company on a mission to eradicate electronic waste from landfill, redirecting the valuable commodities back into the circular economy.


Our Technology

Process & Recycle

Proprietary – inhouse – automated – end to end. Our system breaks down e-waste into all of its commodity parts and regenerates those commodities back into the circular economy in three key stages:

Collection and Triage

E-waste is received at our facility for triaging, where it is either repurposed and resold or sent to Stage One for processing.


E-waste material is processed through three levels of size reduction and separation to recover individual commodities.


Certain materials pass through two stages of hydro-met processing for further separation – this is where the magic happens.

Our Technology


Comprehensive and credible reporting on ESG goals and carbon credits (in development).

Our data capture process begins by weighing each client’s e-waste on our digital weighbridge before triage and processing. Batches of e-waste are then combined and processed throughout the day with each day’s processing recorded into three categories of recycled material:

  • NTCRS materials
  • Non-NTCRS materials
  • Incidental materials eg. batteries, flouros, etc

Clients receive a report that shows the mass of e-waste diverted from landfill in these three categories. As a negotiated fee for service, clients can receive a more detailed breakdown of recovered materials through our bespoke reporting.

Our Services

Our Services

E-Waste Solutions

Sircel provides local e-waste collection, drop-off events, and recycling solutions to help businesses, councils, schools, and community organisations dispose of and recycle their e-waste in an environmentally sustainable manner.


E-Waste Collection

Using our extensive national network of logistics partners and our own fleet of trucks, we can collect assets from any location in Australia and securely transport them back to our facilities.

E-Waste collection services include:

  • - Bin Collection
  • - On Premise Pallet, Cages, & Bin Drop Offs
  • - On-Premise Technology Swap Outs & Device Refresh.
  • - E-Waste Sorting, Handling, & Management
  • - Office Cleanouts
  • - Contracting Services Including Managing Staff & Logistics

E-Waste Recycling

Our recycling process enables the processing of up to 100% of items including phones, TVs, computers, and more, without the need for prior dismantling.

IT Asset Disposition and Data Sanitisation

Guaranteeing 100% secure data wiping with certificates provided with every device technically refurbished for reuse. Includes physical destruction of assets where required.

Asset Recovery and Repurposing

We provide options for the repurposing and resale of end-of-life technologies. Reuse is the most efficient form of recycling.

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