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Head Office

Level 2, 13-15 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Addressing this rapidly growing problem will take effort from all of us. We want to work with you as a strategic partner to complete the circular economy.

Collection Events

Sircel has a longstanding relationship providing collection event services to local councils across Australia. Our team can prepare a bespoke plan for your collection event, with services including:

  • Bin drop off, placement and collection — we provide 240 litre to 30 cubic metre bins, and everything between
  • Comprehensive risk assessment and strategic event plan
  • Pre-event communication with our team to ensure we cater for the needs of your LGA
  • Traffic control and signage
  • E-waste sorting, handling and management
  • Support for event promotion and community engagement content

Contact us today to book your bespoke collection service.



"Sircel has been servicing our e-waste events for the last two years and has been super-efficient, professional, reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their teamwork, attention to detail and can-do attitude has been a breath of fresh air, especially when the industry suffered major changes and major companies went into administration. I would highly recommend Sircel to host e-waste events and look forward to working with them again in future"

Inner West CouncilNSW

"At the start of 2022 Georges River Council began using Sircel to run the quarterly e-waste drop-off events. They have run six successful events, across the Council’s two depots, providing the staff and equipment needed as well as external traffic control. Each event attracted around 800 cars and collected 20,000kgs of materials. At the completion of each event, Council receives prompt and accurate data of vehicle numbers and the breakdown of materials recycled"

Georges River CouncilNSW


Sircel is a partner of choice for corporates wanting to achieve ambitious ESG targets and reduce their scope three emissions by diverting up to 100% of their e-waste from landfill. We are a trusted partner for organisations with complex security and data requirements through guaranteed permanent data removal. Sircel corporate offerings include:

  • Secure collection and transport of devices by our dedicated team
  • Guaranteeing 100% secure data wiping for assets that meet our stringent repurposing guidelines
  • Certificates provided with every device technically refurbished for reuse
  • Physical destruction of assets where required
  • Comprehensive reporting to support ESG goals
  • Promotional and educational resources for team members to get involved

Contact Us to discuss how Sircel can support your company’s ESG goals and data security through our e-waste solutions and strategic offerings.


Manufacturers & Telecommunications Companies

Sircel supports electronics manufacturers and telecommunications companies transition away from reliance on virgin materials by providing regenerated materials. Our vision is to see regenerated resources used in manufacturing regenerated over and over via our world-leading process – creating a truly circular economy.

We partner with manufacturers during the design process to ensure waste reduction and resource regeneration are prioritised in early development. Our expert team will work with you on a bespoke basis to optimise your role in the circular economy.


ESG Benefits of Partnering With Us

The world’s reliance on electronics transcends industries, countries and time zones. We all have a responsibility and role in addressing the global e-waste challenge. Sircel’s solution provides businesses, community organisations, schools, and governments with a pathway to better environmental outcomes through our e-waste solutions and strategic offerings.

  • Divert your e-waste from landfill, preventing toxic materials from leeching into soils and waterways
  • Preserve valuable resources for current and future generations by returning commodities to the circular economy
  • Minimise your waste using best-practice, environmentally responsible methods
  • Reduce your carbon footprint –Sircel’s technology is more efficient and produces less emissions than traditional smelter techniques
  • Strengthen your ESG strategy with our strategic support for end-of-life solutions and green-metals manufacturing
  • Validate your environmental contribution with our comprehensive and credible reporting on e-waste diverted from landfill

Contact Us today to discuss how our e-waste solutions and strategic offerings can support your ESG strategy.


Partnering with Us


Sircel and its subsidiaries comply with all regulatory requirements and OH&S legislation set by the requisite State and/or Federal Government
ASNZS 5377Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of End-of-life Electrical and Electronic Equipment
ISO 9001Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001Environmental Management Systems
ISO 45001Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

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